Be Keen Be Bold: Be KB

The martial arts are a vehicle for physical, personal, social and emotional development. This is the kind of thing to learn:


Even if you only book one class, you will benefit from the following:


- Heightened awareness
- Improved self confidence
- Improved self esteem
- Stress relief


- Increased confidence derived through knowledge of martial arts encourages you to walk taller, so as not to look like a victim.

- Improved chance of being able to fight back with reasonable force, should this last resort be necessary.

Through knowledge of joint manipulation and pressure points, you will be be able to get out of holds and strangles without too much force on the attacker. (Although we always advise our Member to run away if possible).

You will meet new people and have fun too. Despite being strangled and pinned to the wall and floor, KB Self Defence members love learning such empowering self defence. In fact, take a peak at the KB Self Defence section of a KB Kung Fu Black Sash grading, Nicki is super strong and proficient:

You could know what to do when grabbed and pinned if you join KB Self Defence. You wouldn't have to have all the kit, just a desire to learn and have fun.


What better way to show your colleagues that you care about them than to arrange a KB Self Defence or stress busting class.

CLICK HERE for more reasons why you should get us to teach you and your colleagues a class.

We always state: "Avoidance is always better than confrontation."