We believe that our lessons are a worthwhile investment for you and your colleagues. 

Take a look at one of our recent corporate classes in Spain:



You can choose from the following:

(1) Self Defence class |  (2) Stress busting Kickboxing class  |  (3) A combination of both 

KB Self Defence classes are designed for the everyday person. Lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, all our classes cover personal safety awareness in your daily life as well as focusing on easy to remember and effective physical self defence techniques. You do not need to have any Martial Arts experience, just a willingness to learn to protect yourself.


- Mental awareness and attitude.
- Diffusing a situation.
- How to stand (stances).
- Strikes - legs and arms.
- Grip and strangle releases.
- Joint manipulation and pressure points.
- Using body weight to your advantage.
- Floor and wall work.

While the emphasis is on a non-aggressive response to threatening situations, you will learn straightforward ways to release yourself from grips and locks - you will also learn about pressure points, how to floor an assailant, as well as how to strike and disarm as a last resort. A practical application of defence and combat techniques.

If you'd like us to build a 'competition' element into the event, like the video above, we can play games, such as relays, incorporating self defence, partner practice, races. It can be such great fun.

At our venue in Euston.

  Dalia Terret teaches: an ex-Metropolitan Police Officer and ex-Police Officer Safety Instructor. Catherine Cooper-White, Jess Baker and Nicki Davis teach too.

 Monday or Thursday, 6pm and 7pm.

  Just a one-off class, once a week, once a month. 2 classes. YOU decide.

£15 per person per hour, minimum 10 people. Plus room hire: £50. (Minimum total £150 incl VAT + room hire).

All practice is a 'touch drill' - safe, no force. There is no one-on-one heavy contact. A perfectly low risk, safe environment that's fun and friendly.


Email us telling us at info@kbfitness.co.uk how many people you'd like us to teach and which days/times suit you best. We will be in contact ASAP.


BONDING EXPERIENCE Our aim at KB Self Defence is to improve trust and respect in the group environment. We have found that Martial Arts are a very effective way to build relationships by channelling these energies in a positive way. Office politics won't ever be the same again.

SHOW YOU CARE What better way to show your colleagues that you care about them than to arrange a stress busting class.

IMPROVED FOCUS At KB Self Defence we draw on Eastern meditation and breathing techniques to help relax the mind, so you will feel reinvigorated and more able to concentrate - both during the class and back in the office.

SPIRITUAL ADVANTAGES The training improves self esteem, confidence and self-discipline. It stimulates the mind and develops inner strength and is an excellent way to release (by shouting! punching and kicking out) stress.

It's FUN.


KB Kickboxing offers a high energy session focusing on relieving stress (our classes do not permit any aggression). Kicking, punching and shouting into the air and onto focus pads. There is NO CONTACT with other people and is therefore as safe as can be.

The Stress Busting Kickboxing Class is the same price, and length as a self defence class; you'll just sweat more. See our corporate page on KB KICKBOXING if you would prefer this class. Naturally you could book a self defence as well as a Kickboxing class to cater to the different needs of your colleagues. Or book one class combining both self defence techniques and Stress Busting Kickboxing. You decide.